Panduit Certified...

We are Panduit Certified and utilize high-end quality Panduit products for all our data/phone connections. Panduit data/phone hardware provides longevity and quicker installations. Cat5e and above is used for phones and computers. We use RG-6 Coax for TV and Satellite connections. Dependent upon your needs or desires for audio, we use either 16-18 gauge speaker wire to Cat5.

We adhere to standard specifications set by organizations such as ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, CENELEC and CSA for Category 5e and Category 6 cable and systems that are widely used and accepted in the industry today.

All our cabling runs are "homeruns", and are terminated in a localized area with easy access. This offers you the ability to create computer networks or install phone systems and maintain them from one location. 

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